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Building Multi Lingual Responsive Landing Pages in Marketo!

Doubled conversions with localised and responsive landing pages built in Marketo’s Design Studio


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Organic Traffic


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See how localized content doubles conversions, increases subscription rate and streamlines campaigns

With a globally dispersed audience, multi-lingual website was a prerequisite, but the landing pages were only in English as they were connected to the marketing database that was in turn only in English. This made the user experience, iffy at best. He came on the website expecting his language to go on, but when he navigated to the landing page, he had to do with English. And, this highly affected the sign up rate.

The solution was of course to provide multi-lingual landing pages, but how to do that while ensuring that the latest data is picked up from the database?

Using Marketo's Design Studio, we came up with a solution.


  • Surge in subscription rates
  • Consolidated reporting system
  • Easy list customization and segmentation
  • Highly customized and targeted newsletter campaigns

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