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Why Do You Need M-Hive?

Never Lose Your Marketo Assets

Restore your Marketo assets or templates from a cloud repository as and when required.

Track Changes to Your Marketo Assets

Review previous versions of each asset to see the changes made to it.

Streamline Your Asset Review

Fast track your content review process by previewing assets in bulk and generating PDF.

Key Features

  • Configure Asset Backup Frequency

    Schedule asset backup to run on a daily, weekly or on-demand basis.

  • Expedite the Review Process

    Preview and generate PDF of multiple emails and landing pages for different segments.

  • Restore Deleted/Edited Assets in Marketo

    Bring back your deleted/edited email and landing page assets or templates in Marketo.

  • Get Real-time Status

    Track the status of your email and landing page assets to view edits and backup history.

Intuitive User Interface

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