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Marketing Analytics Strategy

Measure, manage, and analyze marketing performance to increase its effectiveness as well as optimize ROI. We help organizations integrate their data across all marketing channels, identify loopholes, and provide optimized solutions through a common marketing view by improving cross-selling and up-selling, sales growth and customer retention.

Analytical Modeling

Enable organizations to derive more meaningful insights from unstructured data, empowering them to make data driven decisions across the enterprise. Apply the right set of tools to deconstruct, analyze, and convert blocks of data into powerful insights.

Customer Service Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your customer support operations, identify the root cause of customer service issues, and get insights into key metrics to help you understand customer satisfaction and predetermine the risk of losing a customer.

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Help keep your business a step ahead of potential risk, make informed decisions about allocating capital to manage risks. Streamline operations by knowing how to identify, prioritize, and reduce future loss to achieve a heightened business performance.

Account Based Analytics

Align internal and external information of the organization to analyze, measure, and optimize business impact from a target account. Find out which of your accounts have the highest level of engagement and which accounts are likely to churn.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

Understand the current state of analytics in your organization with a thorough internal and external assessment, identify hidden obstacles, and prioritize your analytics efforts.

Alteryx Custom Connectors

Expand your data reach by leveraging Grazitti’s large set of Alteryx connectors that provide data extraction across multiple platforms. Automatically map data from a platform’s database and make smarter decisions.

Process Improvement

Understand your existing technology to improve the business processes or learn an alternate process to eliminate operational inefficiencies. Identify critical risk factors and operational inefficiencies to reduce risks and cost of running.

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