[Case Study]

Migrate from Jive-x to Salesforce Lightning Community Cloud

A Security IT Firm Deflects 27% More Cases and Increases CSAT 21%

Before Lithium acquired it, Jive-x was the community platform for a U.S. security software developer that used Salesforce clouds to manage most of its other processes, such as sales.

Immediately after the acquisition, the company seized the chance to bring their community—which was used to interact with customers and partners—from Jive-x to Lightning Experience. The job was easier said than done.

The challenges were several, including

  • Was it possible to migrate information from Jive-x to SFDC without any data loss?
  • Would it be possible to provide an identical or a higher level of functionality after migration from Jive-x to SFDC?
  • Could we identify beforehand what can and cannot be extracted from Jive-x?
  • How will the migration affect crucial customer success metrics, such as the case deflection rate and CSAT?

We not only delivered answers but leveraging our proven online community migration model completed the entire job in fewer than 200 hours.

This case study documents the steps we adhered to. You might want to read it if your company is planning to move to Salesforce Community Cloud. Reading it can reduce your expenses and save you time.

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