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Migrate to Chatter Questions from Chatter Answers in Less than 200 Hours

A Story of How a Healthcare IT Firm Increased Engagement with Clinicians

A top EMR software company relied on Chatter Answers to communicate with clinicians when the news of Salesforce ending support for Chatter Answers broke out. The company was left with two options

  • Move to a less secure communication medium
  • Migrate to Chatter Questions

They chose the latter.

This case study documents their journey: right from the point when they started considering a partner through the challenges they faced to a successful handover.

In it, you will find

  • Feasibility Analysis: How the decision to migrate was taken
  • Migration Stage: How the challenges—primarily links, visual, and complex data—were handled
  • Verification: How the success was measured
  • Handover: What happened after the migration

The case study is for you if you use Salesforce Classic, have no plans to move to Lightning Experience, but want to upgrade Chatters Answers to Chatter Questions.

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