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Custom Salesforce® Community in 40 Days


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Grazitti delivered Ping Identity's customer community within 40 days

Ping Identity was using Service Cloud® and had a basic version of the Q&A setup on their website. They were looking at complete revamp in within a very short timeframe. Grazitti put together a multi-functional team of design, development, QA and project management for this project and delivered the community on-time.


  • First release went live on-schedule without any hitch
  • Second release, even with new requirements went live on-time
  • Agile processes ensured all timelines were met

What Our Customers Say

Right from start the Grazitti team gave us the confidence that we do not need to have a plan B. Once things started rolling – they were able to accommodate a number of requirements that were made by the operating teams within the timeframe.

David Skyberg

David Skyberg

Product Manager, Ping Indentiy Inc.

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