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Redesigning e-Commerce Website to Improve Conversion Rate


Rise in

Organic Traffic


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Referel Traffic


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Leads Nurtured

An e-commerce website required a revamp to increase sales

The Pipal wanted to improve customer experience & engagement and increase sales. They had traffic to their site, but people were abandoning cart because of difficult navigation and non-responsive design. They were losing customers. They needed to transform their website into a responsive, mobile friendly, and easily navigable one to make the purchase journey easy for users. They also wanted to enable custom features on their website like providing discounts for new customers, allowing discount codes and coupon, and so on.


  • Increased website traffic
  • Enhanced user experience & engagement
  • Decreased cart abandonment rate
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Increased sales

What Our Customers Say

Our website www.thepipal.com needed a major revamp in terms of technology and design. Grazitti did an excellent job in putting together a responsive e-commerce website with a great UI experience combined with a robust backend. We required a lot of custom features and these were competently incorporated.

Anuj Mahajan

Anuj Mahajan

Co-founder, Little Pipal

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