With this free social media content template, you will be able to:

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    Coordinate social media posts across platforms

    Organize content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
    Instagram, & Pinterest

  • smc-sec-2-icon-2
    Manage content on a daily, weekly,
    & monthly basis

    Decide which type of posts to promote or which
    campaigns to launch

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    Access your content repository for quick
    access to frequently-promoted posts

    Collate a rich content bank & never lose valuable
    social media content

Here are some tips to help you manage your social media template:


Color-code your content assets

  • Differentiate according to the type of content you are creating

Create a monthly overview of
your posts

  • Plan content as part of a campaign or a holiday
  • Customize content for a specific day or week

Track content frequency on a
monthly basis

  • Evaluate which type of content is being posted
  • Strategize your future campaigns in accordance with your analysis

Update your calendar regularly

  • Record content according to:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Message
  • Campaign
  • Link
  • Content-Type
  • Post Likes
  • Traffic
  • Impressions