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Your buyers are willing to pay a 14 percent premium for exemplary customer service. Unsurprisingly, many large companies are working to optimize their Salesforce’s Service Cloud so they can differentiate their brand through personalized support. The service cloud is helping them in three crucial ways:

  • Automate tasks that require little cognitive input, such as data entry
  • Capitalize on the existing pool of documented expertise through powerful search and an arranged knowledge base
  • Analyze customer data to anticipate issues and resolve them preemptively

Companies across verticals can benefit from customizing Salesforce’s Service Cloud. In 3 Pillars of Service Cloud Success, you will read how three firms—each from a different industry— delighted their customers with a custom Salesforce’s Service Cloud, and how you can replicate their success.

Read How 3 Firms Lowered Costs and Upped CSAT and Sales

  • A health and fitness devices seller freed their service reps from the task of validating each update. Automation reduced the time to upgrade each device, and delighted customers. Consequently, the year-on-year sales went up by more than 200,000 devices
  • A cloud and mobile software provider installed a powerful search function, SearchUnify, to leverage the existing pool of knowledge and answer customer inquiries promptly. The results were immediately visible: The case deflection rate climbed and customer support costs came down
  • A provider of SaaS-based B2B platforms improves CSAT. They installed a dynamic reporting system which provided real-time updates to decision makers who could anticipate issues with a high degree with accuracy

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Grazitti has been a tremendous help to us with analytics. They’ve catapulted us months ahead of our internal project plan and have not slowed down.

Masha Finkelstein

Masha Finkelstein

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