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Configuring Multi-Touch Attribution and Simplifying HubSpot Operations


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The customer, a network security operations firm, was using HubSpot for its marketing operations and had a Salesforce CRM. They were struggling to map lead data in Salesforce with HubSpot and track their progression through the sales funnel. They wanted to partner with an organization with extensive HubSpot expertise to help them set-up a multi-touch attribution model in order to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. They also needed help simplifying HubSpot workflows to associate each new lead with the appropriate ongoing nurture campaigns.

Download this case study to learn how the customer was able to:

  • Successfully set-up a multi-touch marketing attribution model
  • Efficiently assign credit to marketing touchpoints
  • Increase their marketing qualified leads
  • Gain pragmatic insight into future marketing investment

What Our Customers Say

Working with Grazitti has been amazing. Not only they helped us scale our paid advertising campaigns, but have also been very professional, on time, and delivered above expectations on every project. I have recommended them to colleagues multiple times and will keep doing that moving forward.

Masha Finkelstein

Masha Finkelstein

Demand Generation Lead, BetterWorks

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