The Marketer’s Playbook for Website Redesign


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Your website isn’t just about the look and feel. It goes over and beyond just aesthetic changes. You need to be absolutely sure that you’re redesigning your website for the right reasons.

In this digitally dominated world, your website isn’t a static catalog, but your biggest marketing tool. It can provide you with several lead conversion opportunities, if you let it.

Read this crisp eBook to know if you really need a website redesign, what your strategic approach to it should be, and how you can ace the website redesign game.

In this quick read, you can come away with knowing:

  • Why you need a website redesign
  • What statistics to keep in mind before building your website redesign strategy
  • What your website redesign strategy checklist should be

What Our Customers Say

Grazitti has been a tremendous help to us with analytics. They’ve catapulted us months ahead of our internal project plan and have not slowed down.

Jason Antony

Masha Finkelstein

Demand Generation Lead, BetterWorks

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