session Duration: 10 mins

Opening Session: Marketing 2.0: Standing Out in an Innovation-First World


Alok Ramsisaria CEO, Grazitti Interactive

With 25 years of experience in marketing, building, and consulting for the largest online marketing companies and complex software products, Alok is a seasoned technology expert. He is the chief participant at Grazitti and continues to expand and evolve the organization’s capabilities.

Alok, in his signature storytelling style, took us through what matters in Marketing 2.0 and the rise of hybrid marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate in marketing 2.0
  • The rise of hybrid marketing
  • The core element of hybrid marketing - events
  • Grazitti’s event marketing journey
session Duration: 12 mins

Keynote: Driving Marketing Breakthroughs With Next-Gen Analytics


David Edelman Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School, Former CMO, Aetna

With over 30 years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer, David leverages his technical and analytical expertise to help the biggest names in the consultancy space. He is an insights-driven executive, with an unwavering commitment to innovation and results, combined with a dedication to customers’ needs.

In his keynote, David shared how next-gen analytics is the way for brands to understand customers better and get a competitive edge.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How to deliver distinctive experiences and value for customers
  • Tools to enable marketing breakthroughs
  • How to use AI to deliver IDEAL personalized experiences
session Duration: 23 mins

Panel Discussion - MADTech: Demystified and Simplified


Aristomenis Capogeannis Director, Revenue Marketing, NVIDIA

Aristomenis is an expert Revenue Marketing technologist and veteran team architect leading organizations into record growth through cohesive digital experiences across traditionally siloed Marketing and Sales activities. A strategic visionary backed by 23+ years of experience in leading hi-tech companies.


Tony Almeida Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services,
Blue Dragon Consulting LLC

A Strategic Innovation and Transformational Visionary with 20+ years of global multi-industry experience, Tony has delivered nearly $2 billion of capital investments to Global 1000 firms in the Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Telco, Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing industries.


Allyson Havener Vice President Marketing, TrustRadius

Allyson leads the marketing strategy at TrustRadius across all functions including demand gen, PR, product, and partner marketing. She’s driven to establish TrustRadius as the platform where buying decisions are made. Allyson brings experience and expertise in hyper-growth marketing from previous roles at LiveRamp, an enterprise SaaS company.


David Edelman Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School,
Former CMO, Aetna

With over 30 years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer, David leverages his technical and analytical expertise to help the biggest names in the consultancy space. He is an insights-driven executive, with an unwavering commitment to innovation and results, combined with a dedication to customers’ needs.

Our awesome panelists discussed the value MADTech brings for modern marketers to increase personalization, break down data silos, improve buying insights, and build true omnichannel experiences.

In this panel discussion, our experts discussed how marketers can use MADTech to increase personalization, break down data silos, and improve buying insights.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Why brands must use MADTech
  • Why should brands bring MarTech and AdTech platforms together
  • How MADTech delivers transformation for advertising and marketing
session Duration: 18 mins

Keynote: The Not-Talked-About Secret to Hypergrowth: Acceleration Through Customer Experience


Maria Pergolino Chief Marketing Officer, ActiveCampaign

Maria Pergolino is known for building world-class go-to-market teams that drive growth, differentiation, and category leadership. She has served as a senior marketing leader for global B2B technology organizations for almost two decades and is currently Chief Marketing Officer at ActiveCampaign, the hyper-growth Customer Experience Automation platform.

In her keynote session, Maria, shared exclusive insights on how brands can achieve scalability and manage hypergrowth by creating 1:1 customer experiences at scale.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • ActiveCampaign’s hypergrowth journey and what worked for them
  • What it takes to be a hypergrowth organization
  • Smart and effective ways to manage hypergrowth
session Duration: 31 mins

Panel Discussion - Transitioning to Customer-Centricity With Marketing Automation


Jignesh Shah Head of Integrated Incentives, Blackhawk Network

Jignesh Shah is Head of Integrated Incentives at Rybbon, a Blackhawk Network business. Rybbon is the leading digital rewards management platform used by 1,000+ companies like Lyft, Pandora, and RedHat to boost customer acquisition and lead generation programs. Jignesh has been building and marketing products for 20 years at start-ups and enterprises.


Corey Bayless Market Automation Program Manager II, AWS

Corey is an expert who uses marketing technology and cloud automation to create engaging marketing programs and solve enterprise customer issues. He is a certified MCE Marketo systems admin with experience of working directly with numerous Marketo instances. He is proficient in front-end, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, and back-end languages such as C#, Python 3.7, and SQL.


Balkar Singh Senior Manager, Marketing Automation,
Grazitti Interactive

Balkar is an avid Marketo user with 9 years of experience practicing Adobe Marketo Engage. He is 4X Marketo Certified, has worked with dozens of customers in most areas of Marketo, and has trained many users to achieve Marketo Certifications.


Ruchi Lapran Senior Manager, Marketing Automation,
Grazitti Interactive

With over a decade of experience in the marketing automation space, Ruchi has a proven track record in bringing solutions that help brands accelerate growth. A 3X Marketo, HubSpot Email, Inbound Marketing, and Contextual Marketing certified expert, she is passionate about finding unique applications for MarTech that move businesses towards success.

Our technology experts discussed how to leverage marketing automation to transition to customer-centricity and make it their competitive advantage in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The rising importance of customer-centricity
  • How to build a customer-centric marketing automation strategy
  • How to measure the success of your customer-centric marketing efforts
session Duration: 8 mins

Keynote - Harness the Value of Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Win Big With Small Teams


Tony Almeida Global CxO, Innovation & Transformation Strategic Advisor

A strategic innovation and transformational visionary with 20+ years of global multi-industry experience, Tony has delivered nearly $2 billion of capital investments to Global 1000 firms in the Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Telco, Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. His digital enterprise solutions leveraged design thinking and process intelligence to implement emerging technologies (Cloud, Analytics, Applied AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, RPA, AR/VR) that enabled operations and financial effectiveness.

In this session, Tony, shared actionable insights on how to leverage Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to deliver better experiences and higher ROI.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The value of ABM
  • The importance of smarketing alignment for a tactical ABM strategy
  • The 3 key methods of selecting your target accounts
session Duration: 21 mins

Panel Discussion - The Right Marketing Agency - Your Ally for Marketing Success


Dawn McGreevey Director of Marketing, CodeScience

Dawn is Director of Marketing with Codescience, a Top 10 service partner of Salesforce. She's worked with some of the best in the business, starting in B2C working for Porsche and Saab, then moving into B2B for Manheim, Carestream, and Airbus. Dawn's expertise in developing winning marketing campaigns, sales enablement tools, and partner programs across the value chain comes from leveraging data and strategy to drive demand through teamwork, storytelling, and collaboration.


Amit Sharma Marketing Automation Practice Head,
Grazitti Interactive

Amit is a highly accomplished operations leader adept in delivering cutting-edge technical services and solutions. Currently, he is spearheading the marketing automation team with his leadership & EQ skills and a passion to drive business goals. Amit holds impeccable knowledge and expertise in Business Process & Consulting, Product Development, Customer Relationship Management, and Employee Engagement.


David Frank Senior Email Marketing Manager, Seagull Scientific

David is a Senior Marketer with 15+ years of experience in 7 nations in 4 continents in a wide range of industries, from events to SaaS. He uses his broad marketing knowledge and experience to transform marketing processes for SMBs to global enterprises.

John Summers

Gurpreet J. Singh Marketing Manager, Grazitti Interactive

Gurpreet is a Marketing Manager at Grazitti, and holds over 8 years of experience in full-stack Marketing, Developing, and Executing integrated Marketing and Communication campaigns from start to finish.

Our industry experts shared how selecting the ‘right’ marketing agency goes beyond pricing. In this power-packed session, they share how to identify, select, and partner with the right marketing agency to meet your marketing goals.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The goals and objectives that should be defined and documented
  • What red flags to keep in mind when choosing a marketing agency
  • The kinds of marketing agencies
  • How to select the right agency that understands your business
session Duration: 22 mins

Keynote - Loyalty, Commerce, and the New Consumer


Theresa McEndree Chief Marketing Officer, Recurly

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Recurly, Theresa leads the go-to-market strategy for demand and revenue creation. A customer champion and passionate brand storyteller, Theresa guides her team in setting the stage for all things Recurly - who we are, why we win, and how we stay at the forefront of subscription management and billing innovation.

In this keynote, Theresa, shares her distinctive take on how the digital disruption and new trends changed consumer behavior and the nature of loyalty. And what it takes for marketers to ensure loyalty, payments, and commerce in today's market.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How pandemic drove consumer re-evaluation
  • The motivations of new-age consumers
  • The impact of new-consumer behavior on purchase loyalty
  • Top trends driving subscriptions
session Duration: 25 mins

Panel Discussion - Gamification as a Marketing Super Tool


Lauren Hagerty Senior Director of Marketing and Community,

Lauren Hagerty is the Senior Director of Marketing and Community for PowerToFly - the diversity recruiting platform fast-tracking economic equality by upskilling and connecting underrepresented talent to roles in highly visible sectors. She launched PowerToFly’s Virtual Chat & Learn program in 2018 and has hosted over 400 conversations with thought leaders worldwide.


Corina Gheonea Director, Global UiPath Community

Corina, currently working as a community strategist, is well-versed in developing solutions for users and brands that re-shape the usual way of life. She is a creator of cutting-edge online communities, learning experiences, and a lot more.


John SummersDirector, Community Practice, Grazitti Interactive

John is an accomplished marketing and community operations professional. With extensive experience in the development and implementation of key strategies, he is equipped to assist organizations in enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and growth of their communities.

Our industry experts shared the power of gamification in taking your marketing efforts up a notch. They touched base on how adding game-like features to your marketing strategy can elevate customer experience and ROI.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The value of gamification in marketing
  • Why community gamification is a critical marketing component
  • The future of gamification in marketing
session Duration: 20 mins

Fireside Chat - Hybrid Events: Take Your Event Marketing Game Up a Notch


Jessica Cerami Director of Marketing Events, Gem

As the Director of Marketing Events, Jessica Cerami oversees the development and execution of all B2B customer-facing events at Gem. With over a decade of experience bringing experiential marketing strategies to life, Jessica specializes in demand generation by way of events, especially when it comes to honing in on effective strategies to win new markets and showcase the enterprise-level readiness of teams she’s a part of.


Stacey Ejim Marketing Manager, Seagull Scientific

Stacey Ejim is an experienced event and digital marketer. In her role as Marketing Manager for Seagull Scientific, she handles all of the event logistics for their customer-focused events. She also organizes and hosts webinars that support the company's ongoing demand generation and customer retention initiatives.


Maneesh KumarVice President Sales, Grazitti Interactive

Maneesh is a sales veteran with experience of over 25 years in India, South Asia, and the ASEAN region in the software products and solutions space. His unmatched strategic leadership skills and sales expertise have fueled sales teams to achieve better results.

In this riveting chat, our thought leaders discussed all about the power of hybrid events and how marketers can take their event marketing experience and ROI with them.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • How hybrid events are different from virtual events and in-person events
  • The kind of events that seamlessly work in a hybrid environment
  • What to look for in a technology platform when hosting a hybrid event
  • Executing a successful hybrid event and what should marketers handle and manage
session Duration: 12 mins

Closing Note


Shivraj AsthanaPresident, Grazitti Interactive

Shivraj has over three decades of distinctive experience spanning leadership roles in diverse organizations from technology start-ups in Silicon Valley to the management of public services in India. Shivraj is a true strategic visionary who has been at the forefront of guiding Grazitti’s vision in an increasingly connected world.

In this inspiring closing keynote, Shivraj talks about how marketers can deliver value to customers, lead with impact, and deliver superior CX in the new marketing era.

About the Conference

The shift from traditional to digital has taken the marketing landscape by surprise. To keep up with this transformation, marketers invested in technology and agility. As a result of this, we stepped into the new arena of marketing in the hybrid world.

We’re thrilled to have been able to bring to you an amazing line-up of expert speakers who are learned practitioners that see what is coming beyond the horizon. Leading our unique vision for the event are our in-house marketing evangelists and the hosts of this conference- Akanksha Dass, Team Lead, Content, and Monali Kharbanda, Senior Product Marketing Specialist.

By watching these sessions, you can expect to come away with an understanding of:

  • 1 The future of hybrid marketing - the challenges and opportunities
  • 2 How brands can navigate swiftly in marketing 2.0
  • 3 How brands can manage hypergrowth with scalable customer experiences
  • 4 Unification of marketing and next-gen analytics
  • 5 How to win with Account-Based Marketing in a hybrid setting
  • 6 The power of MADTech in modern marketing
  • 7 What it takes to achieve customer -centric digital transformation with marketing automation
  • 8 How to identify the perfect marketing agency for marketing success
  • 9 What matters to new-age
  • 10The importance of gamification in a marketer’s arsenal
  • 11 The what, why, and how of hosting hybrid events

Here’s to marketing success in a hybrid world! Until next time!
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