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Enhancing User Engagement for Centrify with a Custom Community


Rise in

Organic Traffic


Improvment in

Referel Traffic


Increase in

Leads Nurtured

A legacy community structure needed change to improve reachability

Centrify had a very basic community design that had deserted areas and lacked content reachability, supportive search, customization, and other vital platform capabilities. They needed a customized solution that could create a better technical environment for users. They wanted to centralize discussion streams and reconstruct the community structure in order to increase user engagement.


  • Centralized discussion streams
  • Increased content reachability
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Unified results
  • Eliminated the deserted areas present within the community

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for your hard work at dedication in helping us launch our new community! The new community looks great, and I am very happy with the partnership and support Grazitti has provided for this project.

Team Centrify

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