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Migrating From Jive-x-Powered Online Community to Khoros

Free guide for companies looking to migrate their online community from Jive-x to Khoros

Online communities are a blessing for deepening the brand-customer/partner relationship. And companies are increasingly investing in the best-of-breed platforms for their online communities.

One such platform was Jive-x, which was acquired by Lithium Technologies (now Khoros) in 2017. The acquisition of a brand is not always a pleasant experience for its users. Such was the situation of Jive-x users, who were left in a dilemma following the acquisition.

This guide covers the story of one of our clients, who had its customer community hosted on Jive-x and were looking to migrate to Lithium (now Khoros).

Moving from one platform to another, however, is never a straightforward process. The process involves many complexities and risks including loss of data. Thereby, a diligent approach is the only way out to a successful transition.

If you are one of the users of Jive-x and are looking to move to Khoros, this Solution Doc is for you. In this solution document, we’ve covered the following aspects of a successful migration journey:

    • Gap analysis between both the platforms
    • Complexities involved in the migration process
    • End-to-end solution overcoming all the difficulties
    • Outcome of the migration

Download your free copy to learn how we handled the technically complex task and succeeded.

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" I am thrilled with the layout. This was one most of the significant redesigns in the history of our HP Community and the first feedback we are receiving look very promising. I want to pass my gratitude to the Grazitti team. Thank you!
Corinne Brotons
Corinne Brotons

Director, HP Global Social Support Cares