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How to Merge/Delete Duplicate Accounts in Salesforce Lightning?


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Preventing duplicate account creation is a challenge for organizations. Equally difficult is to find an advanced, secure, and reliable tool that can help them put a check on dupes.

Mary, Andy, and Duplicate Accounts

Andy just got bashed over a call. His mistake was to call a prospect who had already been approached by three other company representatives the same day. He was unaware and his call made the prospect furious.

His manager, Mary, knows that what happened to Andy was more of a rule than an exception. She even knew the cause—duplicate accounts.

Mary’s company receives leads from employees, partners, affiliates, and multiple other sources. Unsurprisingly, few prospects end up more than once in the company data. Although Mary and her team used the default dupe manager app provided by Salesforce, it was proving inadequate for their needs. Mary wanted an advanced tool that could improve the effectiveness of account-based pitching by merging duplicate accounts.

How We Helped Mary

Leveraging their wide experience, our experts developed an advanced Salesforce app. Mary could now define the criteria, based on which duplicate accounts could be found. The app could:

  • Identify and merge accounts based on a defined set of criteria
  • Share or transfer information from a Child account to a Master account
  • Define the conditions when two different accounts should be placed under one Master account

After Installing the App, Mary

  • Prevented duplicate account creation more efficiently
  • Saved thousands of dollars each year
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Found more visibility into accounts and details

If your Sales team also uses Sales Cloud (Classic or Lightning Experience) and duplicate data is a challenge, you can take a leaf from Mary's success book and use our advanced deduping solution for Salesforce.

Download this Solution Doc to understand what this tool is actually capable of and what you can do using it.

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