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Moving to Salesforce Service Cloud from Zendesk


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Customer support is your brand ambassador post sales. And equipping your support team with easy information access and best-of-the-breed solutions is pivotal to improving customer experience.

When companies grow and support operations become more complex, it necessitates switching to a next-gen platform. Such is the situation when an organization decides to move to Salesforce Service Cloud from Zendesk.

Migrating to Salesforce Service Cloud from Zendesk requires rigorous analysis, planning, and execution. In this guide, we have covered the following aspects of a successful migration journey:

  • Requisites for smoother customer support processes
  • Reasons why companies decide to move from Zendesk to Service Cloud
  • Challenges that could prove out to be a deal breaker
  • Execution of Grazitti’s proven migration process

The process not only involves just moving data but also a number of customizations, integration with 3rd-party tools, and more.

Download this strategy guide to know about the migration model we followed for a successful migration.

What Our Customers Say

Right from start the Grazitti team gave us the confidence that we do not need to have a plan B. Once things started rolling

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