The constant elevation in customer expectations is forcing sales into unchartered territory. Salespeople have far greater mandates than ever, including customer success. How is your sales team coping?

They should be prepared and come up with an agile sales strategy for sure. But what all elements—if included in the sales strategy—can help devise a more effective sales strategy? Well, this webinar has all the answers you seek.

Watch this webinar where our speakers will take you through all the essential ingredients of an agile sales strategy including:

  • State of sales
  • Sales trends
  • Pro tips for sales success
  • How your organization can adhere to these pro tips

Our Speakers

Vijay Sharma
Head of Inside Sales and Marketing,
Grazitti Interactive

Vijay is the manager of sales operations at Grazitti Interactive. He is responsible for lead generation and establishing healthy business relationships. With over 10 years of experience, Vijay has witnessed the changing dynamics of sales over time and he understands the nuances of sales, inside sales, and marketing.

Ravideep Singh
Customer Success Manager,
Grazitti Interactive

Ravideep is the customer success manager at Grazitti Interactive. He has extensive experience in client relationship management, project management, and service-level reporting. Ravideep is also a technology enthusiast and a 2* certified Salesforce Admin and Community consultant with a demonstrated history in IT and service technology.