About the Webinar

In this webinar, Todd Nilson, Online Community Strategist, Clocktower Advisors, and John Summers, Senior Manager, Community Practice, Grazitti Interactive, will indulge in an insightful conversation on why brands must channel their focus towards strengthening the foundation of their online communities and making them more resilient.

By Attending This Webinar, You Can Expect to Come Away With Understanding:

  • What does it mean to be resilient?
  • Ways that resilience can apply to online communities
  • Managing what you can control, what you can influence, what you cannot control, and knowing the difference between the three
  • Benefits of online community resilience to organizations

And more.

Guest Speaker

Todd Nilson
Todd Nilson

Digital, Community, and Workplace Experience Strategist,
Clocktower Advisors

Todd is an experienced digital strategist with over 25 years of consulting experience, specializing in community-building, digital workplace transformations, and marketing strategy. He has a background in competitive intelligence research, gamification, recruitment, employer branding, and virtual collaboration. Todd has led transformational technology workshops and projects for brands such as Activision, Facebook, SAP, Schneider National, and more. He has also managed agile team and customer engagements with national and global consultancy firms specialized in online communities.


John Summers
John Summers

Senior Manager, Community Practice,
Grazitti Interactive

John Summers is an accomplished, innovative, and goal-oriented professional with an extensive background in leading cutting-edge business transformation initiatives in marketing and community operations. He has repeatedly demonstrated his skills in the development and implementation of key strategies resulting in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in community growth.