Google Tag Manager

What’s Inside the Cheat Sheet?

The Google_Tag_Manager Cheat Sheet covers everything you need to know from laying out an effective tag implementation plan to testing before deployment.

Here’s what the cheat sheet will enable you to learn:

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    Planning Tag

    Develop an effective plan for tag implementation.

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    Installing Google Tag

    Prepare your website before you install Google_Tag_Manager.

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    Data Layers

    Introduce the concept of Data Layers to your team.

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    Collecting Data With Tags,
    Triggers, and Variables

    Gather data using tags, triggers, and variables.

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    Preloading Data Layers With
    User Data

    Capture user data, which is otherwise not available on your website.

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    Push transaction data into the Data Layer, and avoid data duplication while reporting.

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    Track events and verify the changes made in GTM before deployment.

Ensure Proper GTM Installation on Your Site

Why You Should Download the Google_Tag_Manager Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet will help you make the most of Google_Tag_Manager, by enabling you to:

Google Tag Manager
  • Quickly deploy tracking codes
  • Enable auto-event tracking
  • Manage tags at one place
  • Customize tags without code
  • Troubleshoot tag errors
  • Publish tags to different environments
  • Create reusable templates
  • Give access to multiple people
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