Gain insights from leading community experts on what lies in the nucleus of community management and the big picture for 2022.

In the digital-first world of today, almost every organization owns an advanced online community that supports innovation, cross-collaboration, and engagement. But in order to keep the conversations in your community flowing, and ensure that your business keeps benefitting from these conversations, you need strategic planning. That’s where online community management takes the center stage.

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, RD Whitney, Founder Community Leader Institute, and John Summers, Director of Community
Practice, Grazitti Interactive, will indulge in an insightful conversation on what’s next in the arena of community
management and how to create solid community management plans.

By attending this webinar, you can expect to come away with an understanding of:

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    Community Management in 2022: The Big Picture

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    The Evolving Roles of Community Managers

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    The Challenges Faced by Community Managers and How to Combat Them

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    Tips to Create Community Management Plans & Programs

RD Whitney

Guest Speaker

RD is passionate about building and growing communities. He has successfully developed several institutes creating a ‘home’ for niche and evolving professions. He is a master network-builder who believes in unifying people together to drive advocacy and adoption. For over 30 years he has focused on creating communities that bring buyer and seller together through the gravity of professional training, events (face-to-face and virtual), online learning & education, peer learning & data. He is a result-oriented community expert with a proven track-record of building and growing professional communities.

RD Whitney
Community Leader Institute

John Summers


John Summers is an accomplished, innovative, and goal-oriented professional with an extensive background in leading cutting-edge business transformation initiatives in marketing and community operations. He has repeatedly demonstrated his skills in the development and implementation of key strategies resulting in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in community growth.

John Summers
Founder & CEO,