Analytics Solutions

  • ai-2-icon-1 Cloud Data Warehousing Retrieve and analyze historical data by storing it securely in a cloud data warehouse
  • ai-2-icon-2 Big Data Make faster and better decisions by using advanced analytics against large data sets
  • ai-2-icon-3 ETL Analyze data by extracting, transforming, and loading it from multiple sources into a unified repository
  • ai-2-icon-4 Business Intelligence Improve decision-making by preparing, mining and visualizing data
  • ai-2-icon-5 Data Visualization Understand the big picture by presenting meaningful insights with data visualization
  • ai-2-icon-6 Data Science Uncover insights from data by combining advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and more

Alteryx Connectors

Integrate and analyze data in Alteryx from 50+ platforms ranging from social media channels and online advertising platforms to databases.


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Industries We Serve

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Real Estate

Some of Our Customers

  • Adobe
  • MO
  • a
  • Fitbit
  • TheStreet
  • LifeLong Medical Care

Case Studies

TPG Analytics
Building Scalable Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics for a Real Estate Builder
Centralized DWH
Centralized Data Warehouse for a Financial News & Services Provider
eLearning Data to DWH
Migrating and Exporting eLearning Data to a Data Warehouse
Custom Reports for a Healthcare Provider

Trusted Industry Partners

Higher Logic
Google Partner