The customer simplifies local marketing for businesses and helps them grow through data-driven decisions.

The customer uses Google Analytics for all their reporting needs. However, they were unable to identify all the engagement points of a user, before and after becoming a lead.

They wanted to track the engagement of a user before it became a known lead, leverage Google Analytics to display the lead status from anonymous to known, and deliver reports using Tableau.

Download This Case Study To Understand How the Customer Was Able To:

  • eaut-icon1 Enhance average session
    duration by 10.7%
  • dm-cs-17 Increase known users by
  • eaut-icon3 Increase overall user match
    rate by 92.4%
  • eaut-icon4 Decrease the bounce rate
    by 12.7% and more!

What Allbound Said


We’ve never seen such great numbers maximizing our spend in AdWords as well as the increased traffic driven to our site. Grazitti has done an amazing job!

Jen Gray - Director of Marketing