Explore Big Data Innovations With Grazitti at the
Big Data and Analytics Summit Canada 2024

We are thrilled to announce our Gold sponsorship at the Big Data and Analytics Summit 2024, a premier event focused on the future of big data and analytics. Join us to delve into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies of big data, empowering your organization with cutting-edge insights.


Experience Advanced Analytics
Like Never Before

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    Interactive 1:1 Sessions
    With Experts

    Connect with team Grazitti to explore how our big data and dashboard solutions can enhance your marketing analytics.

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    Experience the power of big data and AI through live dashboards and reports. 

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    Receive specially curated analytics-themed swags and digital resources to enhance your data-handling capabilities.

Our Expertise


Gen AI-Powered Applications

Build and deploy scalable and secure applications powered by Generative AI for operational efficiency and automation.


AI-Powered Data Pipelines

Efficiently manage large volumes of data with high-performance systems that ensure scalable integration and informed decision-making.


Data Warehousing & Management

Create sturdy and efficient data ecosystems that enhance secure data access and boost organizational productivity.


Real-time Data Processing

Deploy state-of-the-art systems for swift data analysis, providing real-time insights that enhance competitive advantages.


Data Visualization

Develop dynamic, interactive dashboards and reports that aid in the clear communication and deeper understanding of complex datasets.


Predictive Analytics

Utilize sophisticated machine learning algorithms to detect patterns and provide strategic foresight.


Deep Learning & Neural Networks

Utilize deep learning to automate processes and enhance technology with advanced neural network training.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Construct systems that interpret and generate human language, enhancing customer interactions and decision-making support.


Computer Vision

Equip machines with the capability to interpret visual data, transforming business interactions with the visual world.

Data Excellence, Delivered: Pick Your Digital Offers

Big Data and AI
  • Data Audit

    Bolster decision-making through detailed assessments of data quality and comprehensive inventories of data sources.
  • Data Governance Review

    Maintain your data’s integrity and adherence to regulations with a thorough governance assessment.
  • Analytics Tools Evaluation

    Enhance your analytical capabilities with tools selected to meet your specific needs.
  • Reports and Dashboards Audit

    Evaluate and enhance the impact of your existing reports and dashboards through a detailed audit.
  • Technology Assessment

    Prepare your business for the future with a strategic technology plan designed for growth and resilience.
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Omnichannel Marketing Analytics Solutions
Elevate Your Marketing Intelligence

Gearing up for the Big Data & Analytics Summit, we introduce our innovative Omnichannel Marketing Analytics Solution, powered by AI & Analytics, to redefine how CMOs visualize success and strategize campaigns.


360° Marketing View

Gain a comprehensive perspective of your marketing campaigns and optimize spend for peak ROI.


Marketing ROI Insights

Uncover the real effects of your efforts and fine-tune future strategies for better outcomes.


Pipeline & Funnel Clarity

Use advanced analytics for a clear view of your marketing's impact on sales progress and address any gaps.


Cost Efficiency & Campaigns

AI helps cut marketing costs by over 40% while improving campaign results through smarter spending.


Channel Performance Analysis

Focus on the most profitable marketing channels to boost traffic and ROI by up to 20%.


Advanced Campaign Intelligence

Leverage MMX for deep insights on campaign performance across channels, enhancing spend efficiency and campaign impact.


Transform Your Strategy:

Omnichannel Marketing Analytics in Action

Dive into the future of marketing and experience how Grazitti's AI & Analytics expertise can elevate your marketing and set you ahead in the competition.

Elevate Your Data Strategy With Grazitti

Join us at the Big Data and Analytics Summit 2024 to discover how our solutions can transform your data into a powerful asset for decision-making and innovation. See you there!