The customer is a technologically advanced, full-service dental laboratory, and is a leader in guided dental restorations and implant surgery.

In the absence of a social media strategy, the customer had little engagement and website visits from social media channels.

The objective was to build a social media presence that would translate into expanded brand awareness, engagement, and customer acquisition.

Download this case study to learn how the customer expanded their social media presence and witnessed:

  • dm-dl-icon1 Increase in Instagram Followers
    From 24 to 306
  • dm-dl-icon2 Growth in LinkedIn Follower
    Count From 48 to 358
  • dm-dl-icon3 Rise in Engagement Rate
    by 92%
  • dm-dl-icon4 Boost in Social Media Sessions
    From 206 to 1368

What Allbound Said


We’ve never seen such great numbers maximizing our spend in AdWords as well as the increased traffic driven to our site. Grazitti has done an amazing job!

Jen Gray - Director of Marketing