Consumer Psychology in eCommerce - All You Need to Know


Behind every click, there is a combination of various emotions, instincts, and perceptions that play a subliminal yet important role.

Tapping into these psychological aspects of consumer behavior is key to driving conversions in eCommerce.

With the right understanding and implementation of marketing psychology strategies, you can effectively influence customers’ buying decisions.

This eGuide offers insights on consumer behavior, psychological triggers and impacts, marketing psychology principles and their applications to help you leverage consumer psychology for your business.

What you’ll learn:

  • How consumer psychology manifests in eCommerce
  • Types, factors, and importance of consumer behavior
  • Principles and applications of marketing psychology
  • Psychological triggers and impacts in decision making
  • Implementation of consumer psychology strategies
  • Notable business gains with consumer psychology

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  • kpi-nps-icon 20 Percent Point Increase
    in NPS
  • kpi-manager-collaboration Improved Partner-Channel
    Manager Collaboration
  • kpi-channel-managers Better Performance Visibility
    to Channel Managers

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