Understanding and applying the formulas for calculating return, profit, or ROI may seem straightforward. However, gauging the actual value derived from your online community can take a lot of work. This difficulty primarily stems from the need to address major hurdles like data collection, impact attribution, generalization, and more when measuring "value".

About the Webinar

As businesses increasingly turn to online communities to engage with customers and foster brand loyalty, understanding these communities' return on investment (ROI) has become essential. This webinar will explore the critical question facing professionals across industries: how can we effectively measure and demonstrate the financial impact of online communities on business growth? Through insights, strategies, and real-world examples, attendees will gain valuable insights into decoding the ROI of online communities, equipping them with the knowledge to optimize their community initiatives for maximum impact and success.

Here’s what our experts will touch base on: 

How Communities Drive Business Success
Defining Community
Overcoming the Limitations of Proving ROI From Communities
Best Practices for Mapping Community ROI

And more.

Guest Speakers

Carrie Melissa Jones 

Carrie Melissa Jones

Founder & Chief Strategist, The CMJ Group

Carrie Melissa Jones is an award-winning author, community builder, and researcher of online communities. Her work has influenced communities for startups, non-profits, solopreneurs, and the world’s leading brands, including the American Medical Association, Discord, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, and two U.S. presidential campaigns. She is the Founding Partner of CMX, co-author of the book Building Brand Communities with Charles Vogl, and holds an M.A. in the study of virtual communities from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Francisco Opazo

Francisco Opazo

Head of Growth & Community, Bettermode

Francisco Opazo, Head of Growth and Community at Bettermode, is a recognized thought leader in community-led growth. His extensive experience in marketing and community engagement, agile practices, and passion for educational entrepreneurship have been pivotal in driving transformative growth. He is a strategic visionary and a thought leader in harnessing the power of communities to enhance revenue streams.

Nikhil Sharma (Host)

Nikhil Sharma (Host)

Director, Operations & Business Development, Grazitti Interactive

Nikhil, with over 16 years of global experience in IT services and products, excels in project management across various process areas, from project initialization to closure. His expertise includes strong technical acumen, adept reporting, business management, client servicing, and business strategy development. Nikhil has successfully managed large projects in remote infrastructure management, web technologies, and mobile apps. With sound knowledge of web tech and development, he possesses expert-level skills in software requirements analysis and system specifications. Nikhil's robust experience extends to Agile environments, and his excellent communication and soft skills have fostered effective onsite-offshore working models.