The customer is a childcare management software provider. Their primary requirement was a paid marketing strategy that would help drive the organization’s ROI.

This would then enable them to boost sign-ups, lower the cost of acquisition for Google and Facebook Ads, and increase brand visibility.

Download this case study to learn how the customer was able to:

  • dm-cs-21 Multiply Google Ad Conversions by 3 Times
  • Google Ads Lower the Cost per Acquisition for Google Ads by Half
  • Boost Facebook Ad Boost Facebook Ad Conversions by 4 Times
  • Reduce CPA Reduce the Cost Per Acquisition for Facebook Ads by 35%

What Kinderlime Said


Grazitti has been a great partner so far. The team is great at listening, open to feedback, dependable and collaborative in nature. Thanks again for the wonderful partnership that Grazitti provides us.

Akash Bansal - CEO