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Why Audit a Website?

88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience*

75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website design*

70% of consumers say website load speed impacts their willingness to buy**

Discover areas of improvement with a detailed website audit report. Gain better visibility, extend website capabilities, and enhance overall site performance to deliver exceptional end-user experiences.

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Parameters for Website Audit

Website Speed
Test the load time, user requests response, and page size of the website
Website Responsiveness
Assess website compatibility and user experience on various devices and browsers
User Interface
Check the usability, navigation, and overall layout of the website
Security Measures
Evaluate the website’s data security, integrity, and confidentiality measures
3rd Party Plugins and Tools
Analyze the need and performance of third-party plugins and tools running on the website
Platform Upgrade Assessment
Check the website platform version and gauge the need for upgrade and scalability
Image Optimization
Check website images for size and compression, thumbnails, and alt attributes
Content Optimization
Assess website content for relevant links, targeted keywords, and other SEO measures
Compliance with ADA/WCAG
Check website compliance with respect to ADA/WCAG standards
Database Evaluation*

*   Disclaimer: For database evaluation, your database access would be required. In case of non-availability, this check would be skipped.

Assess website database structure, indexing, and space utilization along with identification of any orphaned data

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