• Mellisa Tondi

    Melissa Tondi

    Head of Technology Enablement

  • Marcel Veselka

    Marcel Veselka

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Vidhu Shekhar Verma

    Vidhu Shekhar Verma

    Sr. Test Manager
    Grazitti Interactive


About the Webinar

In today's testing landscape, AI and human expertise drive innovation together. Despite technological advances, human involvement remains essential for quality assurance. This collaboration ensures digital products are efficient, accurate, and high-performing.

On the other hand, the rise of hyper-automation exemplifies this synergy. By merging AI, machine learning, and RPA, it creates a self-learning testing ecosystem that streamlines processes and enhances accuracy. However, it also requires new skills and adaptability.

Join us in our webinar as we explore the future of automation testing and the growing synergy between AI-driven innovation and human-led expertise. Discover how this collaboration is enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of digital products.

Here’s What Experts Will Discuss

The Rise Of Hyper Automation Testing & Its Implications
Human Intervention in The Future Of Testing
AI Vs Humans: The Real Winner
The Future Of Automation Testing

Featured Speakers

Melissa Tondi

Melissa Tondi

Head of Technology Enablement, Campminder

Melissa Tondi, with extensive experience in software testing, is a renowned speaker and writer in Agile, QA, and DevOps. She holds roles in Technology Enablement and Quality Engineering at Campminder and is a Principal Consultant at Disrupt Testing. Melissa specializes in enhancing software quality from design to delivery, emphasizing efficiency, innovation, and culture. She employs the Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) approach to optimize team activities, ensuring maximum value with minimal gaps.

Marcel Veselka

Marcel Veselka

Chief Executive Officer, Wopee.io

Marcel has dedicated his career to software testing, progressing from Test Analyst to Test Management roles, focusing on integration and performance testing. He co-founded [pro]Test and established Tesena in 2013, leading a diverse team across Europe to enhance software quality for clients. Marcel also founded Wopee.io, a startup advancing autonomous testing solutions. His expertise spans modern testing approaches, including automation, DevOps, Scrum testing, AI, ML, and autonomous testing, cementing his role as a key contributor to the evolving software testing landscape.

Vidhu Shekhar Verma (Host)

Vidhu Shekhar Verma (Host)

Sr. Test Manager, Grazitti Interactive

Vidhu Shekhar Verma is a seasoned expert, committed to ensuring flawless tech products at Grazitti Interactive. Specializing in robotic process automation (RPA) and automation, Vidhu excels in enhancing performance and efficiency. His team management capabilities combined with a hands-on approach, set a high standard for quality and innovation in the tech industry with more than 12+ years of experience.