The CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act which was passed in 2018. It was created for the purpose of protecting the privacy and personal data of consumers who live within the state of California.

Join the mission and support the sentiment to commit to data privacy.

Avoid the chances of violation & paying for it.

Get your CCPA assessment done to check:
  • arrow icon Does CCPA apply to your business?
  • arrow icon How will it impact your organization?
  • arrow icon Is there a single source of truth to inform ‘compliance’?
  • arrow icon How can your organization comply with CCPA?
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CCPA Compliance

Grazitti Interactive, Marketing for Digital Natives

Grazitti Interactive is a Digital Services Provider that has industry-wide experience and a proven CCPA Compliance Roadmap approach to help businesses define and implement a tailored data protection program that drives a culture of privacy. This strategic approach will prepare your organization for CCPA or GDPR compliance demonstration and any other state or national regulations that come into law.

Reach us at or [email protected] for building and executing your CCPA or GDPR compliance plan.