Wondering How GA4 Works?


The GA4 property uses a user-centric measurement model called ‘Event + Parameter’, while Universal Analytics uses the traditional ‘Session + Pageviews’ centric measurement model. As a result, you can track user activity, create custom events, and more.
This eBook is designed to help you set up and configure your Google Analytics 4 interface, with real-time screenshots.

GA4 Analytics

What You’ll Learn

What GA4 Is and How It Differs From Universal Analytics

  • What are the features of GA4
Instalation GA4

What Are the Steps Involved in Installing
GA4 With Google Tag Manager

  • How to configure Google Analytics 4 with GTM (Google Tag Manager)
  • How to use Debug view in GA
  • How to fetch real time reports in GA4
Ga4 Categories

What Key Event Categories Are and
How to Track Events in GA4

  • Automatically Captured Events
  • Enhanced Measurement Events
  • Custom Events
GA4 Configure

How to Configure Conversion Data in GA4 Reports

  • Predefined Conversions
  • Conversions That Can be Switched on
SEO Performance

How GA4 Helps in Improving Website and SEO Performance

  • How Do I Use GA4 to Improve My SEO Performance
  • Which Pages on My Website Receive the Most Traffic?

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