With more businesses investing in digital transformation (DX) initiatives, investments into building a connected business are gaining momentum. With Salesforce and Jira being the two centralized systems for businesses, there are things that they want to know before investing in integrating these tools.

Watch this session, where Atul, Mudit, and Parik talk about every aspect of Salesforce and Jira integration. Also, listen to Parik share how his business benefited greatly from Salesforce and Jira integration.

You will also learn:

  • sj-benefit

    The Benefits of Salesforce
    and Jira Integration

  • sj-calculate

    The Factors to Calculate Whether It’s Worth Investing
    in Salesforce and Jira Integration

  • sj-business

    The Different Business Use Cases of
    Salesforce and Jira Integration

  • sj-success

    Ascender HCM’s Success Story with Salesforce
    and Jira Integration