On average 27% of marketers state that bad data costs them 10% or more in lost revenue annually. In fact, 28% of their current customer/prospect data is inaccurate one way or another.

To make 2023 a great marketing year, it is key to identify the gaps in the functioning and implementation of your marketing automation platform.

That’s where a holistic instance audit can help. A comprehensive audit of your marketing automation platform will help you:

  • Identify what’s working and what isn’t
  • Validate your technical set-up, integrations, and customizations
  • Identify gap areas and under-utilized features

Our marketing automation audit will include:

  • Website and platform integration: Form optimization, pre-fill, progressive profiling, website tracking, third-party integrations, and functioning.
  • Marketing Operations/Programs: Instance organization, lead scoring/lead routing, customer lifecycle, and lead attribution.
  • Admin Setup: Assessment of domain branding & SPF/DKIM Setup, custom activities utilization, daily API utilization & communication limit check, LaunchPoint configurations, users & roles, Marketo Sales Insight Set-up, CRM Sync, and tracking code set-up.
  • Data Management: Current database health (bounces, unsubscribes, blacklisted, duplicates, inactive, spam, etc).
  • GDPR Compliance: Assessment of impact, website cookie notices, assessment of lead-gen forms and preference center, and enablement of double-opt-in functionality.
  • Demand Generation: Standard programs (email blast, newsletters, etc), nurture programs, referral programs, email deliverability, and email bounce category report.
  • Asset Management: Templates, emails, pages, forms, segmentations, snippets, etc.
  • Revenue Cycle Model: Success Path Analyzer lead flow assessment, lead stage assignments check.

Don’t procrastinate because the audit is on us. So, sign up now and get recommendations to improve ROI and meet your marketing goals for 2023.

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