An Overview

A custom report from NelsonHall —a leading global analyst firm— featuring Grazitti Interactive.

NelsonHall conducted an evaluation of the most prominent vendors in the Salesforce ecosystem for their NelsonHall Leader 2020: Salesforce Services. Grazitti Interactive was one of the vendors evaluated and NelsonHall accredited Grazitti as an ‘Innovator’ in the Salesforce services space.

The evaluation was done using the NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT), a methodology that assesses vendors against a range of criteria and business situations.

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Quotes Grazitti benefits from dual positioning in Salesforce services: the company has its core strengths around Service and Experience/Community Cloud, and it also brings complementary digital capabilities such as UX design, analytics, and marketing automation. Grazitti has ­­
comprehensive capabilities to automate activities, impact employee and customer ­­satisfaction, and­ derive
intelligence through analytics. Quotes

Dominique Raviart, IT Services Practice Director,

What’s in the Whitepaper ?

The full report consists of:

  • nh-analysis-icon Vendor Analysis Summary
  • nh-salesforce-services Salesforce Services Market Summary
  • nh-methodology The NEAT Methodology for Salesforce Services