Salesforce Communities Central - A Podcast Series by Grazitti Interactive, where renowned experts share everything related to Salesforce Experience Cloud.

This 5-part podcast series is to offer exclusive intel on advanced community engagement efforts like gamification, exceptional onboarding process, future offerings, and more. It takes your most anticipated questions about the Salesforce-powered communities and hashes out the best solutions.

Tune into this series, to learn more about:

  • Advanced community features offered by Salesforce-powered communities, and what to expect in the future?
  • Leveraging your existing B2B community to drive more business
  • Boosting engagement within communities with Gamification
  • Enabling an intuitive onboarding process within your communities
  • What are partner communities?

Featured Speakers


Ravideep Singh

Senior Project Manager, Grazitti Interactive


Ankit Baniyal

Team Lead for Quality Assurance (SFDC), Grazitti Interactive


Nikhil Kumar

Senior Quality Analyst for Selenium, Grazitti Interactive


Aman Malik

Team Lead for Salesforce Community (Experience) Cloud, Grazitti Interactive


Aashima Puri

Senior Software Development (SFDC), Grazitti Interactive

About The Host


Sana Sachdeva

Marketing Associate for Online Communities, Grazitti Interactive

About Us

Grazitti Interactive enables digital transformation through innovation, powering businesses of all sizes, covering all major facets in their journey. We empower businesses in enriching customer interactions, designing engaging communities, enabling digital marketing, and driving data-driven decision support. With our high-touch onshore customer support combined with off-shore ‘price-vantage’, our customers gain a competitive edge over their competition.