[Case Study]

Setting Up and Automating an Effective Jira Management Process


The customer, a global leader in network access solutions for service providers and enterprise networks, was facing multiple challenges in managing a variety of products in their Jira system.

The manual efforts to log and manage Jira tickets and categorizations were costing them a lot of time.

Therefore, the customer was looking for a solution to streamline the whole process for their team members and managers.

Download this case study to learn how we helped the customer with:

  • More Streamlined Ticket Managing Processes
  • Easy Information Visibility for Managers
  • Reduced Manual Effort with Automation
  • Improved Team Productivity

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  • kpi-nps-icon 20 Percent Point Increase
    in NPS
  • kpi-manager-collaboration Improved Partner-Channel
    Manager Collaboration
  • kpi-channel-managers Better Performance Visibility
    to Channel Managers

We not only provided effective solutions for the above-mentioned roadblocks but also ensured high quality customized integration to enable smoother flow of records data.

This case study elucidates the steps we followed. If your company is planning to initiate Salesforce to Salesforce Integration, then this case study will offer immense value.

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