[Case Study]

Streamlining Financial Reporting in NetSuite for a G2 DevOps Leader


The customer, an open-core company that provides a DevOps platform, was using NetSuite to manage all of its financial transactions including sales and procurement. They wanted to create customized dashboards and workflows to view their financial activity and have their journal entries related to procurement go through a tiered approval process.

Additionally, they wanted to have a more transparent view of its multi-currency transactions and overall balance sheet, and integrate Coupa with their NetSuite dashboard to have a unified view of its procurements bills and amortization schedules.

Download this case study to learn how we helped the customer to:

  • Customize financial reporting and dashboard over NetSuite
  • Create workflows for tiered transaction approvals
  • Execute Coupa integration with NetSuite

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  • kpi-nps-icon 20 Percent Point Increase
    in NPS
  • kpi-manager-collaboration Improved Partner-Channel
    Manager Collaboration
  • kpi-channel-managers Better Performance Visibility
    to Channel Managers

We not only provided effective solutions for the above-mentioned roadblocks but also ensured high quality customized integration to enable smoother flow of records data.

This case study elucidates the steps we followed. If your company is planning to initiate Salesforce to Salesforce Integration, then this case study will offer immense value.

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