Session Duration: 10:34 mins

The Evolution and Trends in Support

Alok Ramsisaria
CEO, Grazitti Interactive

Passionate about technology, Alok always looks for ways to add and innovate around it in every possible avenue, be it marketing, sales, or support. He helps team Grazitti achieve the outcomes that drive customer success.

Alok, in his signature, succinct style, took us through the history of the ever-changing support landscape and the prevalent support trends in the IT industry.

Session Duration: 27:52 mins

Powering Next-Gen Support Orgs With AI

Kimberly May
Vice President, Support Services, Flexera

Passionate about driving business success, Kimberly is an expert in the ideation and development of strategies for the achievement of short and long-term organizational goals.

In her opening keynote, she spoke about the role of AI in curating exceptional customer experiences by powering the next generation support organizations.

Session Duration: 54:00 mins

Getting the Most Out of Your Salesforce Investment - Panel Discussion

Vimmy Ahuja
Project Manager, Salesforce Practice, Grazitti Interactive

Vimmy is a highly-skilled management professional in the IT and services space. She has immense experience in building concrete business strategies and producing viable and efficient solutions, particularly across Salesforce Orgs.

In her discussion with the expert panelists, she touched base on insightful questions around Salesforce support investment and its components, utilizing support for effective case management, next-gen tech, and the role of human interaction in support and technology.

Shrilata Ganna
Vice President, Technical Support, Centrify Corporation

Shrilata is an incredible leader and a driver of organizational growth with her impeccable team-building and analytical skills. She has a collaborative approach across departments and functions that have a stake in the success of the customer.

In this panel discussion, Shrilata shared her views on the prevalent SLA challenges and the right approach to combat them. She also talked about the role of evolving support and why investing in automated support operations is inevitable in today’s competitive business environment.

Vanaja Kesary
VP, Business Applications, Qualys

Vanaja is an innovator and technology enthusiast with more than 17 years of experience in devising application design and architecture, managing full project lifecycles, and deploying EDI solutions.

In this exciting panel discussion, she spoke about knowledge-centric tools used to augment support staff and how automation is streamlining support workflows and processes. She also shared her valuable views on how multi-faceted support is impacting support across B2B and B2C industries.

Atul Sharma
Associate Director, Salesforce, Grazitti Interactive

Atul lives and breathes all things Salesforce which makes him the perfect choice to be leading the Salesforce operations at Grazitti. He has extensive experience working on US Government projects and with leading Finance organizations.

Atul, in the panel discussion, shared his expert advice on how SLAs help ensure that your support team complies with contractual obligations and also helps in increasing CSAT and why the focus of automation should always be on reducing case age and increasing agent productivity.

Session Duration: 42:40 mins

Building Connected Customer Experiences - Panel Discussion

Brandon Berbaum
Director of Client Support, Mavenlink

Brandon has more than 15 years of experience in taking programs from concept to launch on a global scale. He has showcased outstanding capabilities in improving customer retention and achieving customer success, and leading diverse high-performance teams.

In this insightful panel discussion, Brandon shared his expertise on how improving customer experience is the way forward and is a critical key driver of growth.

Donald Wetmore
Sr. Manager - Global Support, Ultimate Kronos Group

Donald specializes in practicing performance engineering and providing critical customer care solutions to deliver results. A maestro in capacity planning and management, Donald is a community enthusiast with immense experience in community deployment and developing robust web architectures.

Donald, in this panel discussion, talked about the challenges of data silos that come forth post mergers and acquisitions and how to resolve them. He also emphasized on the importance of gathering customer feedback and the availability of a solid support enablement program.

Vishal Sharma
CTO, SearchUnify

Vishal is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in building and optimizing CRM, online communities, CMS, etc. His forte lies in identifying, assessing, and overcoming technical hurdles to improve customer processes and efficiency.

In his panel discussion with industry leaders, he threw light on how CX is the new battleground and how unifying all information collected is a major challenge. He also talked about the importance of personalization in building connected experiences.

Session Duration: 25:42 mins

Making Support Strategic by Owning a P&L

Patricia Lughezzani
Global Head, Customer Experience, Marketo at Adobe

Patricia is highly accomplished in optimizing customer support and sustaining engineering organizations to facilitate growth and customer retention. A strategic analyst and keen problem solver, she has strong team-building skills leading to the enhancement of overall organizational efficiency and goal achievement.

In her session, she shared insights on how support can be made strategic by owning a P & L. She gave us some incredible insights about the changing support landscape via facts and figures.

Session Duration: 7:09 mins

Closing Note

Shivraj Asthana
President, Grazitti Interactive

Shivraj has over three decades of distinctive experience spanning leadership roles in diverse organizations from technology start-ups in Silicon Valley to the management of public services in India.

In his closing keynote, Shivraj shared his thoughts on how support is in the DNA of every organization and how it generates a compulsive desire to continue to resolve support related problems. He also spoke about the changing support dynamics in this era of the “new-normal”.

About Support (re)Focus

We are thrilled that we had an amazing line-up of industry experts on board to discuss and share their views on the dynamics of the support landscape and its future. The event was hosted by our very own, in-house support evangelist - Ajay Paul Singh.

By watching these sessions, you can expect to come away with an understanding of:
  • 1AI and its role in shaping the future of support and self-service

  • 2Why building connected customer experiences are the key to growth

  • 3Making support strategic

Here’s to building exceptional customer experiences with impeccable self-service and support! Until next time!