• Ed Giansante

    Ed Giansante

    Head of Community

  • Yurii Lazaruk

    Yurii Lazaruk

    Community Ambassador

  • Nikhil Sharma

    Nikhil Sharma (Host)

    Associate Director
    Grazitti Interactive


In retrospect, 2023 stood out as a transformative year for communities.

The rise of AI, gamification advancements, and a pronounced dedication to member-centric approaches for enhanced engagement were at the vanguard of this change.

As we step into 2024, the trajectory of online communities is experiencing an accelerated evolution.

AI is becoming increasingly central to content moderation, Community Managers are leveraging community analytics to extract measurable outcomes, and the value of personalized engagement is experiencing unprecedented growth.

About the Webinar

Join global community leaders in this exclusive webinar to explore the future of online communities, marked by the convergence of tech innovation, member-centric strategies, and a focus on measurable outcomes.

Here’s what our experts will talk about

2023 in the Rearview:The Evolution of Online Communities
AI-Driven Insights — A Beacon for Community Engagement
Embracing Chatbots and Automation in Online Communities
The Impact of Technological Shifts on Community Management
Data-Driven Insight: The Pillars for Success in 2024
Omnichannel Approach: The Way to Community Success
Gamification: The Dominating Force

And more.

Guest Speakers

Ed Giansante

Ed Giansante

Head of Community, Persona

Ed Giansante, currently serving as the Head of Community at Persona, has an illustrious background as the former Global Head of Community at prominent organizations like Dropbox, Wix, Zynga, and VMware. He also founded Edublin. Renowned for his expertise in video storytelling, Ed has amassed over 400K YouTube subscribers and 50 million views. His community scaling efforts have led to multimillion-dollar savings, earning him the title of the most efficient employee in 2013. In 2020, Ed was honored as the Online Community Professional of the Year by CMX. Now based in San Francisco, he spearheads community initiatives for the startup Persona.

Yurii Lazaruk

Yurii Lazaruk

Community Ambassador, Communiverse

Yurii Lazaruk, Community Ambassador at Communiverse, specializes in cultivating communities for startups and established companies, emphasizing trust and collective growth. With a firm belief in community support, Yurii leverages personal experiences to offer valuable insights. Yurii's impact is evident in significant Ukrainian communities like SalesHero, SEO Club UA, CPC Real Talk, and Marketing Club UA. Actively participating in global learning through CMX and the Community Club, Yurii strives to share insights globally. As an adept Community Consultant, Yurii facilitates global knowledge acquisition, partnership building, and growth, showcasing versatile skills in technical expertise and a background in mathematics and IT.

Shaveta Sharma 

Nikhil Sharma (Host)

Associate Director, Grazitti Interactive

Nikhil, with over 16 years of global experience in IT services and products, excels in project management across various process areas, from project initialization to closure. His expertise includes strong technical acumen, adept reporting, business management, client servicing, and business strategy development. Nikhil has successfully managed large projects in remote infrastructure management, web technologies, and mobile apps. With sound knowledge of web tech and development, he possesses expert-level skills in software requirements analysis and system specifications. Nikhil's robust experience extends to Agile environments, and his excellent communication and soft skills have fostered effective onsite-offshore working models.