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Marketing tells your story and sales sells your story. The catch? It has to be the same story! We’ve all read and heard so much from marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc; about why marketing and sales alignment is critical to organizational growth but not so much about the ‘how’ of it.

The common ground that marketing and sales share is leads. Marketing generates them and sales converts them. For marketing, the job does not end at generating a lead. For sales, the job does not begin at just receiving a lead from marketing. It’s what happens in between these stages is what this eBook is going to shed light on.

In this quick read, you can come away with knowing all about:

  • Setting the right foundation for marketing and sales
  • Clearly defining the sales funnel terms
  • MQL engagement content strategy
  • Lead hand-off requirements
  • Lead hand-off workflow in the marketing automation platform

What Our Customers Say

Working with Grazitti has been amazing. Not only they helped us scale our paid advertising campaigns, but have also been very professional, on time, and delivered above expectations on every project. I have recommended them to colleagues multiple times and will keep doing that moving forward.

Masha Finkelstein

Masha Finkelstein

Demand Generation Lead, BetterWorks

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