About the Webinar

In this webinar, two of the finest community experts in the business will indulge in an insightful conversation on why it is necessary for brands to make the community forum a safe space for users. Watch them discuss how you can address the growing risk of safety in communities by monitoring user behavior and complying to data privacy norms.

By Attending This Webinar, You Can Expect to Come Away With Understanding All About:

  • The Disconnect Between Those Building Tech and Those Using it
  • Taking Better Care of Community Managers and Moderators
  • The Challenges of Open Social Spaces and How to Combat Them
  • The Best Practices for Security and Access Management
  • The Need to Employ Safety Tech in Communities
  • Using Big Data Under Community Privacy Norms
  • Mental Health in Communities

Guest Speaker

Darren Gough
Darren Gough

Founder and MD,

Darren Gough is a community enthusiast who is passionate about building safe, secure, and scalable online communities and offering comprehensive community management services to brands of all shapes and sizes. As the Founder and MD at Island23, Darren has been curating robust community management strategies fo healthcare, pharmaceutical, safe technology, and mental health online communities in the UK and across the world.


John Summers
John Summers

Senior Manager, Community Practice,
Grazitti Interactive

John Summers is an accomplished, innovative, and goal-oriented professional with an extensive background in leading cutting-edge business transformation initiatives in marketing and community operations. He has repeatedly demonstrated his skills in the development and implementation of key strategies resulting in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in community growth.

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