Why do you need M-Clean?

Prevent Merge

Merge & Prevent Duplicates

Remove existing duplicates in Marketo and prevent creation of new duplicate records

Align Marketing

Align Marketing & Sales

Improve sales productivity by blocking duplicate leads from Marketo to your CRM

Accurate Report

Report with Accurate Data

Get rid of skewed reports in Marketo and CRM with no duplicates in your database

Key Features

  • Real time dedupe

    Real-time Duplicate Check

    Scan for duplicate leads when a new record is created or updated and merge it with existing records

  • configure fields settings

    Configurable Field Settings

    Configure data append settings for Marketo fields when merging duplicate records

  • Merge in CRM

    Merge Duplicates in Marketo & CRM

    Merge and prevent duplicate records in Marketo as well as your CRM (Salesforce or MS Dynamics)

  • Custom Rules

    Dedupe Rules Including Fuzzy Match

    Set up custom rules to identify the winning record when new duplicate records are created in Marketo

  • Quick Setup

    Quick Setup

    Identify existing duplicates for merging and preventing within minutes of deployment

  • Dashboard Overview

    Live Dedupe Report

    View historical data for the number of records scanned for duplicates, duplicates found and merged

Intuitive User Interface

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