Executive Summary

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to maintain consistent customer communication and resolve their issues faster. In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, a business should streamline cross-functional workflows so that different teams can work together seamlessly.

Salesforce and Jira are two powerful platforms that help an organization increase business productivity and efficiency. When integrated, these two platforms improve collaboration between the engineering and support teams, so that you win at customer experience.

On that note, we are delighted to bring to you our four-part podcast series to uncover some amazing insights on Salesforce and Jira integration and how it is simplified with a Salesforce-Jira connector Sinergify.


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Our Speakers

Sushmita Mehta
Product Marketing Specialist, Salesforce,
Grazitti Interactive

Sushmita oversees product marketing for Salesforce practices at Grazitti Interactive. She has 4+ years of experience in marketing and takes pride in building conversion strategies. Led by research and passion, she has successfully executed various marketing campaigns for Grazitti’s key Salesforce products.

Amarveer Singh
Project Manager, Salesforce,
Grazitti Interactive

Amarveer is the Project Manager for Salesforce practices at Grazitti Interactive. From analyzing business requirements to managing projects and products, Amarveer has 6+ years of experience working in different technologies across industries. He has led many projects to success related to integrations, Atlassian Jira Products, Salesforce Service & Community Cloud, and more.